Call for Art PDF Download:

System Processing is accepting submissions from artists who investigate process as a means of interrogating both the natural and unnatural practices that shape our everyday landscapes. The exhibition will be held in partnership with the Sustainable Agriculture Project (SAP), an educational farm near Grand Valley State University’s Allendale Campus. The space is unique in its ability to provide an alternative context for submitted works. Preference will be given to pieces that are new media (video, sound, or performance) and sculptural works able to withstand changes in temperature.

Submission guidelines:

Submissions must be made by midnight on October 31st and should be sent to


For video work please send a .mov or .mp4 file, or a link to view the full file. For sculptural work, please provide 3 high resolution .jpg photos (300 dpi) with the name of the file following this structure: firstname_lastname_01. In the submission, in a separate document, please include your name, the size of the work, media, and date. If there are specific installation instructions or equipment necessary for installation please include those in the submission information document as well. All pieces must be ready for display upon submission.  


Those who submit will be notified of acceptance by November 7th. A limited number of projectors, laptops and screens are available for video and installation based pieces. System Processing is able to provide return shipping for accepted works and there is no submission fee.

For questions regarding the exhibition or submissions please email: